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The Italian-Albanian company, Perpyde Sh.P.K, rose out of the wish to enrich the young Albanian market with the extensive Italian and international experience in the ambit of communication, marketing and web design.

Scores of successes have been achieved so far and just as numerous are the satisfactions that drive us every day to do an even better job.

It is with great professionalism and commitment that we provide our Clients with integrated services which allow us to reach optimal and, above all, complete results. We combine traditional communication systems with the most innovative technologies from the web world in order to offer a service that is unique and studied on an individual basis starting from image, to promotion and to distribution.

Amongst our Clients, special emphasis goes to the Delegation of the European Commission to the Republic of Albania. It is since May 2007 that we have been contracted to manage the Delegation’s communication through a redesign and management of the new website and the monthly publication of the official newsletter.

Now the EU experience has finished but numerous other Clients followed, including Unicef Albania, the travel agency Global Travel, many other Albanian firms and not only.
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